HMS Tigress

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1922

HMS Tigress, built by Hawthorn Leslie, launched 20/12/1911.

HMS Tigress shadowed German-Turkish battlecruiser "Goeben" and light cruiser "Breslau" (shortly mined and sunk) after they broke out of the Dardanelles on the 20th January 1918 and sank monitors "Lord Raglan" and "M.28". Both were present during the mining and loss of "Breslau".

Part of the 1st Flotilla from 1911-12 joining the Grand Fleet in 1914 until 1916. Transferred to the 3rd Battle Squadron. Arrived at Milford Haven for breaking up,9/1922.

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Postally used 14 Nov 1914.


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Postcard series: Gale & Polden Ltd
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