HMS Howe 1940-1957


The Ship

Broken up. 1958

HMS Howe, built by Fairfield, launched 9/4/1940.

HMS Howe, completed in 1942, joined the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow and taking part in North Russian convoy protection duties until May 1943. In September 1943, with King George V, she escorted the surrendered Italian Fleet from Malta into Alexandria harbour. Service in the Mediterranean and the East Indies followed, most notably taking part in Operation Husky the invasion of Sicily and, later, the invasion of Italy. In June 1944 Howe sailed from Scapa Flow to join the Eastern Fleet followed by operations around Sumatra and the East Indies.

From December 1944 until August 1945 she operated as a unit of the British Pacific Fleet and, following a refit at Durban, returned to the East Indies Fleet until December 1945.

Decommissioned to Reserve on 21 April 1949. Between 1950 and 1958 she was laid-up at Devonport before being towed to Inverkeithing to be broken up in 1958.

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