HMS Hermione

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1940

HMS Hermione,built by Devonport Dockyard,launched 7/11/1893.

In 1900, commanded by Captain R S D Cumming, she played a minor part in the third China war or Boxer Riots. In 1906 HMS Hermione went into reserve at Portsmouth, was refitted in 1907 and sent to the Capetown Station. On 14th February 1909 she ran aground at Zanzibar but was re-floated sustaining only slight damage. In June 1909 she joined the 3rd Cruiser Squadron at Portsmouth and in July joined the Home Fleet. On 6th August HMS Hermione ran aground off Killingholme in the Humber and after 8 hours was re-floated.

In September 1910, she became a sea-going depot ship for the first Naval airship of the lighter-than-air type at Barrow, but when the building of this craft was abandoned, HMS Hermione rejoined the 4th division of the Home Fleet in January 1912.

At the outbreak of World War I in August 1914, she became guard ship at Southampton, later becoming HQ Ship for motor launches and coastal motor boats from December 1916 until December 1919. Sold off October 1921 and resold to the Marine Society in 1922 and became training ship T.S.WARSPITE, finally sold for breaking up at Grays,9/1940.

Displacement: 4,360 tons I.H.P: 9,000 Length: 320 feet. Beam: 46ft 6ins. Maximum draught: 19 ft. Speed: 19.5 knots

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