HMS Neptune 1909-1922

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1922

HMS Neptune, built by Portsmouth Dockyard, launched 30/9/1909 completed January 1911.

In May 1911 HMS Neptune became the flagship of the Commander-in-Chief of the Home Fleet and in May 1912 she joined the 1st Battle Squadron. She was still serving in this squadron when in April 1916 she collided with a merchant ship but was not seriously damaged. She was at The Battle of Jutland and was reported to have scored several hits on the German Battleship Lutzow. She did not have any casualties during the action. Sold for breaking up at Blyth 1/9/1922.

HMS Neptune War Service:
1st Battle Squadron The Grand Fleet.
December 1914-March 1915: under refit.
18 March: unsuccessfully attacked by German submarine U29.
22/23 April 1916: accidentally hit at night by SS Needvaal but only sustained minor damage.
Present at the Battle of Jutland 1916. Fired 48 12in rounds and received no damage.
June 1916: transferred to 4th Battle Squadron.
September 1922: sold for scrap

Displacement: 19,680 tons. Speed: 21 knots. Armament: Ten 12 inch guns in pairs, twenty 4 inch guns, four 3pdr guns, three 18 inch guns and 3 torpedo tubes. Compliment: 759.

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