HMS Speedy 1893-1914

Torpedo Gun Boat

The Ship

Mined and sunk September 1914

The only torpedo gunboat built at Chiswick was H.M.S. Speedy, and for this vessel Thornycroft designed an entirely new type of water tube boiler, which was not only safer but also gave one knot additional speed. She was launched on the 18th May 1893 by Lady Hamilton, wife of the First Lord of the Admiralty. Sadly she was sunk by a mine in the North Sea in September 1914.

My Postcards

Not postally used.

The strange thing about this card is that the ship shows only two funnels whereas Speedy actually had 3. In all other respects the ship looks to be the same Speedy. Any suggestions?
Postcard series: J Welch & Sons


Postally used 8 Feb 1906. The difference with this postcard is that it shows HMS Speedy with three funnels as against the two she sported during her later years, Perhaps a wartime conversion?
Postcard series: Marcus Ward's
Series number: 38


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