HMS Diana

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1 July 1920

HMS Diana, built by Fairfield, launched 5/12/1895.

HMS Diana was completed for service 15th June 1897. She served in the Mediterranean until 1913 and transferred back the the UK to the 3rd Fleet at Devonport. At the outbreak of war HMS Diana joined the The Cruiser Force G in the English Channel and on the 6th August 1914 captured a German Schooner. In February 1915 she joined the 12th cruiser squadron and was transferred in November 1915 to the China Station until August 1917, moving to the red Sea and Indian Ocean until the end of the war.

In June 1919 she was paid off at Queenstown sold for breaking up at Plymouth 1/7/1920.

Displacement: 5600 tons. I.H.P: c.8,000 Length: 350 feet. Beam: 53 ft 6 ins. Depth: 20 ft 6 ins. Speed: c.18.5 knots. Complement: 450.

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