HMS Hussar

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1921

HMS Hussar was built by Devonport Dockyard,launched 3/7/1894.

HMS Hussar was a Halcyon class torpedo gunboat of the Royal Navy. She served in the Mediterranean between 1896 and 1905 before being used for fishery protection.

In 1907 HMS Hussar had her armament removed and was converted to become the yacht and despatch vessel for the Royal Navy's Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean. In 1914 she was adapted as a minesweeper, which was the fate of many such torpedo gunboats.

In February 1915, Commander Edward Unwin took command of HMS HUSSAR. For the landing at Cape Helles, 25 April, Unwin took command of the SS River Clyde and two of his crew from HMS HUSSAR joined him, Able Seaman William Williams and Seaman George Samson. All three men won the Victoria Cross during the landing.

Sold 12/1920, resold for breaking up in Malta 13/7/1921.

1070 tons, 3500 horse-power, and 19 knots speed. Her length, beam, and draught were 250ft., 30ft., and 9ft.

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