HMS Revenge 1892-1919

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1919

HMS Revenge (renamed Redoubtable 1915)

Built Thomson, Clydebank, laid down February 1891, completed March 1894, cost 954,825.

At start of war laid up ready for disposal.
September-October 1914 refitted at Portsmouth for bombardment off the Flanders coast.
4 November 1914 joined 6th Battle Squadron of the Channel Fleet for bombardment duties.
22 November 1914 bombardment of German positions near Nieuport.
15 December 1914 hit by German shell fire.
16 December 1914 bombarded Flanders coast.
April-May 1915 refitted at Chatham during which bulges were fitted.
August 1915 renamed Redoubtable to release name for new battleship.
7 September 1915 bombarded Ostend.
October-December 1915 refit after which was used as an accommodation ship.
1919 sold for scrap.

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