HMS Euryalus

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1920

HMS Euryalus

Built Vickers, Barrow, laid down July 1899, completed January 1904.

Average cost 800,000.

Length 440 feet pp 472 feet overall, beam 69 feet 6 inches, draught 26 feet, displacement 12,000 tons load.

2 shaft triple expansion engines, 21,000 ihp, 21 knots

7th Cruiser Squadron North Sea as part of Cruiser Force C
28 August 1914 Covering force at The Battle of Heligoland Bight.
October 1914 Escorted convoy to Gibraltar.
February 1915 Suez Canal.
April 1915 Dardanelles.
December 1915 Suez Canal.
1916 East Indies.
November 1917 paid off at Hong Kong for (cancelled) conversion to a minelayer.
1920 Sold for scrap.

My Postcards

Undivided back
Postally used 12 Jan 1906.
Postcard series: New Zealand Post-Card, F. T. Series
Series number: 620


Not postally used - sent as part of a set by a sailor on the ship - 2 Feb 1909 (see HMS Euryalus in a Gale)


Not postally used. Part of a set sent by a sialor on the ship (see HMS Euryalus in a Gale)


Postally used 2 Feb 1909 - by a sailor who had just arrived on board ship.


Not postally used.


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