HMS Hibernia

The Ship

Sold for Scrap November 1921

Royal Naval battleship of the King Edward VII Class. Built at Devonport Dock Yard under the 1903 Naval Programme and laid down on the 6th January 1904. She was launched 17th June 1905 and completed January 1907. She was commissioned into the Atlantic Fleet, but transferred in February 1907 to the Channel Fleet as Flagship of Rear Admiral. In January 1912 she went to the Nore with reduced crew. In May 1912, HMS Hibernia was fitted with a temporary runway over the forecastle and the first seaplane flight from a British ship, flown by Commander Sampson, was achieved on the 4 May 1912. At the outbreak of World War One, HMS Hibernia joined The Grand Fleet and in November 1915 ,went to the Dardanelle's as Flagship of Admiral Freemantle and acted as reserve battleship at Kephalo. In 1917 all 6 inch guns were removed and replaced with four 6 inch guns on the higher shelter deck. After the war, in 1919, HMS Hibernia became accommodation ship at Nore until 1921, when she was scrapped (8th November 1921)

Armament: Four 4inch guns in pairs, four 9.2 inch guns in singles, ten 6 inch guns in pairs, fourteen 12 pdr guns, fourteen 3 pdr guns, two maxims and five torpedo tubes. Displacement: 16,350 tons. Speed: 18 knots. Complement: 777.

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Not postally used.
Postcard series: J Welch & Sons


Postally used. This card was being written on the 1 Jan 1915, whilst on active service.


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