HMS Pactolus

The Ship

Scrapped 1921

Pelorous Class. The class were used to compare different boiler types with different ships having different types. HMS Pomone and Pactolus had so many problems with their Blechynden boilers that they were removed from active service several years before the rest of the class.

HMS Pactulus was converted to a submarine depot ship in September 1912 and during 1914 to 1918 served at Ardrossan, Scotland with the 9th Submarine Flotilla and sold to scrap in May 1921.

Displacement: 2135 tons Speed: 20 knots. Crew 224 Armament: Eight 4 inch guns, Eight 3 pdr, 3 machine guns and Two 18-inch Torpedo Tubes

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Postally used 13 Feb 1904.
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