HMS Champion

The Ship

Sold 1931

The fifth HMS CHAMPION was a 14-gun screw corvette, launched at Glasgow in 1878. She was 2380 tons, 2300 horse-power, and had 13 knots speed. Her length, beam, and draught were 225ft., 44ft., and 19ft. In August 1891 the HMS Champion, commanded by Captain Frederick St. Clair, co-operated with some American, French, and German vessels in landing men at Valparaiso in order to protect the Consulates during a Chilian revolution. The officers of the international parties placed themselves in front of the muzzles of some machine guns with which the president-elect had intended to decimate the civilian populace.

After some years service in the training squadron HMS Champion became a strokersí training-ship at Chatham.

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Postally used - date belived to be 23 Dec 1908.
Postcard series: Wrench Series
Series number: 1011 c.
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