HMS Gibraltar

The Ship

Sold 1923

HMS Gibraltar, was an Edgar class cruiser launched in 1892 for service in the Royal Navy. HMS Gibraltar was built and engineered by Messrs Napier of Glasgow. Of 7,700 loaded displacement, she was coal-fired with four double-ended cylindrical boilers driving two shafts. She could make 20 knots with forced draught and 18 knots with natural draught. She was a very good seaboat and an exceptional steamer.

Armament consisted of two 9.2" guns, twelve 6" Quick Fire guns, twelve 6 pounder guns, five 3 pounder Quick Fire guns and four 18" submerged torpedo tubes.

Gibraltar was armoured with steel, 3" to 5" on her decks, 6" on her casemates, 3" on her 9.2" gun shields, 2" to 7" on her ammunition hoists and 12" on her conning tower.

A crew of 544 was needed to man the Gibraltar.

During her earlier career she served mainly on foreign stations. Despite her obsolescence she service in World War One, first with the 10th Cruiser Squadron on Northern Patrol and from 1915 as a depot ship for this group, based in the Shetland Islands.

Gibraltar was sold in 1923.

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