HMS Marshal Ney

The Ship

Sold for Scrap 1957

Monitors of the Royal Navy were first ordered by Brazil in January 1912. Three monitors Javary, Madeira and Solimoes were built by Vickers and launched in 1913. The Brazilian Navy could not afford to purchase them and they remained at Devonshire Dock in Barrow.

To prevent them being sold overseas and falling into German hands, the Royal Navy purchased them for 155,000 each and reclassed them as the Humber Class Monitors.

Further monitors were laid down and launched between 1914-1916, these classes were Abercrombie, Lord Clive, Marshal Ney, Gorgon and the M15 and M29 Classes. The last series produced was the Erebus Class launched in 1916.

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Not postally used but is addressed. Quotes - A silent watcher of the North Sea. The Monitors and her crew 1917 & 1918. Naval Base Ramsgate.


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