HMS Garry

The Ship

Broken up after colliding with the Attentive 1919

On July 19, 1918, HMS Garry, Lieut Cmmdr C.H. Lightoller DSC, was cruising in the North Sea and was in Latitude 54.39 N. and Longitude 0.55 W., when an enemy submarine, which proved to be the UB-110, was observed.

The Garry, having manoeuvred for offensive action, came up with UB-110. Her helm was put over and she rammed the German submarine amidships, ripped her open and sank her.
There were no survivors of the crew of the UB-110, who numbered 36 all told.

HMS Garry was awarded bounty for the action by Lord Sterndale in the Prize Court on July 14, 1919. It amounted to 180 pounds.

The money, distributed among the Garry's crew, is equivalent to five pounds for every member of the Kriegsmarine drowned in the incident.

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