HMS Kale


The Ship

Mined and sunk 27 March 1918

HMS Kale, River or E class destroyer, was a class of torpedo boat destroyer (TBD) built for the Royal Navy at the turn of the 20th century that saw extensive service in World War I. All the ships were named after British rivers, and as such were the first Royal Navy destroyer class to be named systematically.

In the River design can be seen the genesis of the "true destroyer", with the typical weatherly raised forecastle and a balanced armament of guns and torpedoes. This was a departure from previous British designs that had a low "turtleback" forecastle, which, although intended to clear the bows, caused them to dig in to the sea, resulting in a very wet conning position. As a result of this, and with a general increase in size and more solid construction, the Rivers became the first truly ocean going and useful TBDs in Royal Navy service.

On 27th March 1918 HMS Kale was mined and sunk in the North Sea, North from Harwich. The mine was sown by SMU UC 11. 40 crew died.

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