The Ship

Torpedoed and sunk 19 March 1917

The Danton class were a class of French Pre-Dreadnought battleships built between 1907-1911, which served in World War I.

These ships were unusual in that they combined turbine propulsion machinery with a Pre-Dreadnought armament. They were designed by L'Homme for the 1906 programme and were a considerable advance on previous French ships. They were however overshadowed by HMS Dreadnought which was completed before they were laid down.

Danton - named after Georges Danton, built by Arsenal de Brest - laid down 1906, Launched 4 July 1909, completed 1 June 1911. Sunk by U64 19 March 1917.

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Postally used 18 May 1917


Postally used - 7 Sep 1914.


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