The Ship

Broken up. 1934

Jauréguiberry was a pre-Dreadnought battleship of the French Navy, launched in 1893. She was named after admiral Bernard Jauréguiberry.

She was one of the class of four roughly similar battleships produced for the Marine Nationale in the 1890s, including Masséna, Bouvet, and Charles Martel. These vessels all relied on the "diamond layout" for their main armament — a design that minimised the cramped upper decks produced by the pronounced tumble-home favoured by French designers, and capitalised on the bulging sides of the vessels. The 10,000-tonne Jauréguiberry had room only for one 300mm gun in her bow and stern turrets, which were placed uncomfortably close to the extremities of the ship. Secondary armament (two 250mm guns) was carried in single turrets on the ship's beam, while 150mm guns were mounted in four twin turrets sited symmetrically just outboard of the 300mm guns. The ship had armoured masts with electric elevators inside, and many other innovations which became standard in the French fleet. Jauréguiberry fought in the Gallipoli campaign during the First World War, and also in the Mediterranean.

She was later used as a schoolship for Navy mechanics before being broken up

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