HMS Australia


The Ship

Scuttled 24 April 1924

Built by John Brown on the Clyde, laid down on the 23rd June 1910 and launched 25th October 1911 completed June 1913, she was to be the new Flagship of the Australian navy. At the outbreak of world war one, she became the flagship of the North American and West Indies station. Following this role she became the flagship of the combines Australian and new Zealand force in the Pacific set up to counter the threat from the German Squadron under Von Spee. After the Battle of the Falklands she joined the search for the German Supply ships of Von Spees squadron. Following this role she joined the 2nd battle Cruiser Squadron of the Grand Fleet as Flagship. Missing at the Battle of Jutland as she was being repaired after her collision with her sister ship HMS New Zealand. After the war she returned to Australia as flagship in 1919 but under the Disarmament treaty of Washington she was ceremonially scuttled off Sydney Heads on 12th April 1924.

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