HMS Brilliant

Light Cruiser

The Ship

Sunk as blockship. 23 April 1918

HMS Brilliant was an Apollo class cruiser of the British Royal Navy which served from 1893 to 1918 in various colonial posts and off the British Isles as a hastily converted minelayer during the First World War. In April 1918, Brilliant was deliberately scuttled in the mouth of Ostend harbour in Belgium during the failed First Ostend Raid. This operation was intended to block the harbour mouth and prevent the transit of German U-boats and other raiding craft from Bruges to the North Sea. German countermeasures were however too effective, and Brilliant and fellow blockship HMS Sirius were eventually destroyed by their crews outside the harbour mouth after running aground on a sandbank. The wrecks were broken up postwar.

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Postally used from St John's Newfoundland, 18 Jul 1914.
Postcard series: Ayre and Sons, Ltd., Newfoundland


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