HMS Grimsby


The Ship

Bombed and Sunk 25 May 1941

"GRIMSBY" Class Sloop ordered from HM Dockyard Devonport under the 1931 Programme on 1st Nov. 1932 and laid down on 23rd January 1932. The ship was launched by Mrs Forbes on 19th July 1933 as the 2nd RN ship to carry the name, previously used by a WW1 trawler. The build was completed on 17tn May 1934. After commissioning at Devonport she visited Grlmsby and Mablethorpes before taking passage to Hong Kong, where mlnesweeping equipment was fitted. All her pre-war service was east of Suez and she was recalled to UK for convoy defence duties after the outbreak of WW2.

25 May 1941 - She was sunk north of Tobruk in position 32.30N 24.30E, after air attacks during support of Tobruk garrison.

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