HMS Chester

Light Cruiser

The Ship

Sold for Scrap November 1921

HMS Chester was one of two Town class light cruisers originally ordered for the Greek Navy in 1914. She was to be named Lambros Katsonis. The order was placed with Cammell Laird and production continued for the Greek account after the outbreak of World War I in August 1914. In 1915, however, the two cruisers were purchased by the British government.

The ship was laid down on 7 October 1914, launched on 8 December 1915 and entered service in May 1916, three weeks before the The Battle of Jutland. At Jutland she fought as part of the 3rd Battle Cruiser Squadron and came under withering fire from German forces. She was hit by 17 150mm shells and suffered casualties of 29 men killed and 49 wounded; many of the wounded lost legs because the open backed gun-shields did not reach the deck and give in-adequate protection. Amongst the fatalities was John Cornwell VC. Chester served with the 3rd Light Cruiser Squadron until the Armistice and was subsequently placed in reserve. She was offered for re-sale to Greece but the offer was declined and the ship was sold for scrapping on 9 November 1921 to Rees, of Llanelly.

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