HMS Wren 1923-1940


The Ship

Bombed and Sunk 27 July 1940

The V and W class was an amalgam of six similar classes of destroyer built for the Royal Navy under the War Emergency Programme of the First World War and generally treated as one class. For their time they were among the most powerful and advanced ships of their type in the world, and set the trend for future designs. Indeed, the vast majority of post-war destroyer construction, of which Britain built a lion's share for export - were very strikingly similar.

They arrived in time to see service in the First World War. During the interwar period these ships formed the backbone of the Royal Navy's destroyer flotillas until gradually replaced by new construction, by the mid-1930s most had been displaced to the reserve fleet. Most ships survived to make an extensive contribution to the Second World War effort, in the vital role of the convoy escort, freeing up more modern ships for fleet action.

HMS Wren was built by Yarrow & Company, laid down June 1918, launched 11 November 1919, completed by HM Dockyard Pembroke Dock 27 January 1923, bombed and sunk by German aircraft off of Aldeburgh 27 July 1940.

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Not postally used, but details of ships in the class noted on the reverse.
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