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This page is dedicated to the memory of my lovely sister Sam who died on 2 Feb 2012.  She leaves a daughter Megan, the light of her life, who now lives with her Dad Marc.

Sam and Megan

Sam and  Jenny both pulling silly faces, with Mum.

Sam at Bexley with Midge.

Sam with her cat


Sam and Marc got married at Banham Zoo.

Construction of a toy table:

Martin being an engineer, Dad overseeing the work, and a rather bemused Sam!

My lovely niece Megan

During her last days - we stopped off many a time at our Costa ‘haunt’.  

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My two sisters - Jenny and Sam  


Sam and Meg with Jemima.

Dad, Sam and Megan.

Megan with Barrel and her kittens.

The following are pictures taken at Sam’s summer party 2011.