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“Made by Lovegrove”

Stained Glass

This Sun Catcher measures approx 8” from beak to tail, mainly using opaque glass.  £13.00.  This can be made in a variety of colours and can be hung from a chain, ribbon  or clear line.

Stained Glass Sun Catchers can be ordered as shown or made to order in specific colours and glass. All Sun Catchers come with a suction hook so they can be used on a window.  Please note - these items are not toys -  and whilst some are made specifically to be enjoyed by children - they are made of glass and should be hung where small fingers cannot reach!

This Sun Catcher measures approx 5” from wing tip to wing tip. Made in a  variety of colours, these butterflies can be hung on a window or can be put on sticks and added to plant pots.  £5.00 each

This Sun Catcher is approx 10” in diameter.  The edging can be in bronze, silver or black, and the spider can be in a variety of colours  £12.00

Available to a variety of colours - this cross is approx 4” x 6”.   The cross can be made in opaque or clear coloured glass. £5.00

Woodland fairy sitting on a mushroom. This fairy has swarovski  crystals in her hair, and again can be made in a variety of colours.  £20.00

Flower fairies - £15.00 each

Recognize what car this is?  £10.00

Two tone stylised bird - £8.00

Small fairies - Can be made carrying a heart handbag, with curly hair or a halo, heart or bead shaped feet, and in a variety of colours.  You choose! £6.00.

Angels - £6.00

“Car Angels” - hang these around your mirror in your car and have your own angel look after you during any car journey. £5.00

“Bluebird” Sun catcher.  £12.00

Parrot Sun catcher.  £10.00

“Unicorn Sun catcher.  £10.00

Seahorse Plaque £12.00

Dragonfly Sun catcher.  £14.00

Birds on a Branch £35.00

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