HMS Irresistible


The Ship

Torpedoed and sunk 18 March 1915

HMS Irresistible was built by Chatham Dockyard,launched 15/12/1898. Torpedoed and sunk by shore battereies, Dardanelles, Turkey,18/3/1915.

On 18th March 1915 the entire squadron re-entered the Straits - the batteries were once again silenced. The French battleship Bouvet then hit a drifting mine and sank within three minutes, losing 640 members of her crew. The Turks, elated by their success, released more mines and scored a further hit on the cruiser Irresistible, which started to drift towards the enemy shore. HMS Ocean took Irresistible in tow, but she also hit a mine and both ships were lost in deep water. The Dardanelles Campaign ended in complete failure after two further ships, Gaulois and Inflexible, were badly damaged

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Postally used 21 April 1905.


Postally used 20 Feb 1912.


Postally used - date unknown but post the loss of HMS Irresistible.
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