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Shipping Line   Name
Allan Line    
  RMS Corsican
America Line    
  SS Leviathan (SS Vaterland)
  TSS New York
Anchor Line (Cunard)    
  TSS Caledonia (IV)
  TSS Cameronia (II)
  TSS Transylvania (1925-1940)
Blue Star    
  SS Arandora Star
Canadian Pacific    
  RMS Empress of Ireland
  RMS Aquitania
  RMS Berengaria (Imperator)
  RMS Campania
  RMS Carinthia (III)
  RMS Carmania (1905 - 1932)
  RMS Caronia
  RMS Carpathia
  RMS Franconia (II)
  RMS Ivernia (I)
  RMS Ivernia (II)
  RMS Lancastria
  RMS Lusitania
  RMS Mauretania (I)
  RMS Queen Elizabeth
  RMS Queen Mary
  RMS Tyrrhenia
  SS Saxonia
  SS Saxonia (Carmania and Leonid Sobinov)
  SS Umbria
Cunard White Star    
  RMS Ascania (II)
  RMS Carinthia (II)
  RMS Mauretania (II)
Finland Steamship Company Ltd    
  SS Ariadne
General Steam Navigation Company    
  PS Mavis
Hamburg-American Line    
  SS Imperator (Berengaria)
  TSS Statendam
IOM Steam Packet Company    
  SS Viking
New Zealand Shipping Company    
  RMS Rimutaka
  SS Turakina
Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) German Merchant Navy    
  Kaiser Wilhelm II
  Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse
Orient Line    
  SS Orama
Orient Royal Mail    
  SS Orontes
Orient-Pacific Line    
  RMS Ophir
P & O    
  SS Ranchi
  SS Ranpura
  SS Viceroy of India
P & O and Orient Line    
  SS Soudan (HMT Soudan)
  PS Mavis
Queen Line    
  MV Queen of the Channel (1)
Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Co. Steamers    
  R & O Steamer Kingston
  Rapids King
Royal Mail Steam Packet    
  RMSP Arcadian 1923-1933
  RMSP Asturias 1907-1923
Sitmar Line    
  SS Esperia
South Eastern & Chatham Railway Company    
  TS Invicta
The New Medway Steam Packet Co    
  MV Queen of the Channel (II)
  TSMV Royal Sovereign
Union-Castle Line    
  Durban Castle
  Edinburgh Castle 1910-1945
  RMS Windsor Castle (1915-1943)
  Winchester Castle
White Star    
  RMS Baltic
  RMS Britannic (III)
  RMS Homeric
  RMS Majestic (SS Bismark)
  RMS Megantic
  RMS Oceanic (II)
  RMS Olympic
  RMS Titanic
  SS Doric (II)


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